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Low-Flow Showerheads: Money Saved Monthly & Annually

Using a low-flow showerhead is a great way to lower your home’s water usage. Whether your reason for using this water-saving device is to help preserve natural resources for future generations, thus living a “green” lifestyle, or because you want … Continue reading

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Increase Apartment Shower Water Pressure

When you rent an apartment, your options for ‘DIY Home Improvement’ tasks are usually quite limited. While it goes with the territory, there are certain things — like if you have low water pressure in your apartment — that you … Continue reading

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High Pressure Shower Heads

For those of us who really like or even need a high-pressure shower, low-flow showerheads, on the surface, don’t seem like an attractive option. Sure, we may like the water-and-energy conservation benefits that low-flow showerheads provide, but to some, the … Continue reading

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