American Standard Water-Saving Showerhead

With Low Flow and Medium-to-Low Flow Settings, the American Standard FloWise, 3-Function Showerhead is a stylish and functional way to ‘go green’ and conserve water and energy.

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American Standard 3-Function Showerhead
Three different flow settings and an automatic return to the 1.5gpm water flow rate means this shower head offers a great value and a number of real choices for water pressure.
Installation is simple and straightforward as with most replacement shower heads. Though, apparently instructions, for those who need them, are only available from the American Standard website: they are not included with the showerhead unit.
While two of the three settings max out at a slightly-less-than-standard 2.0gpm flow rate, the automatic return to the 1.5gpm flow rate means that a multi-person household can save thousands of gallons of water each year. Even the 2gpm default setting can save a decent amount of water when compared to tradi
Our online review sampling discovered that over 80% of American Standard Flowise owners thought their purchase was good or great. Most people who buy this low-flow, multi-function shower head are very happy with their purchase.
Overall, the American Standard FloWise 3-function water-saving showerhead provides a stylish water-conservation option for homeowners and apartment renters alike. At under $40, this low-flow shower head offers a great value for those who want to conserve water, conserve energy, or just do a little bit more to help the environment.