Low-Flow Showerhead Reviews

Find and compare the best low-flow showerheads available today. With standard showerheads required to provide 2.5gpm (gallons per minute) water flow, low-flow and ultra-low-flow shower heads offer much less water usage, hot water conservation and home energy savings. Because low-flow showerheads can be purchased for the same price as a traditional showerhead, you can easily save money each and every month by limiting your hot-water usage with a low flow shower head.

Compare Low and Ultra-Low Flow Showerheads

Here is the list of low-flow showerheads we have reviewed. Feel free to read the reviews, compare the differences and find the perfect low-flow showerhead for you. You can also check out our showerhead comparison guide to find more reviews for popular low-flow showerheads.

Rating Our Review Reviewed Price
4.5 / 5 American Standard FloWise Review $34.99