Apartment Water Conservation

While homeowners enjoy the freedom of being able to use low-flow showerheads by replacing their inefficient shower heads at will, this option isn’t always available to those who rent a house or an apartment. If you rent an apartment or a house, there are two reasons why you might want to install a low-flow showerhead in your bathroom:

  1. You’re responsible for your water and electricity, which is pretty common for apartment rentals.
  2. You want to do your part to conserve the Earth’s resources and use ‘green energy’ whenever or wherever possible.

Or, maybe it’s a little bit of both. Whatever the case may be, replacing a traditional showerhead with a low-flow showerhead can be problematic for people who rent versus own their property. Here’s the good news and maybe some bad news for people who want to use low-flow showerheads in apartments and rental units.

Low-flow shower head installation

Replacing a shower head, in most cases, is exceptionally simple. If you take a look at our shower head comparison list, you can see that most replacement shower heads are the ‘screw-on’ type. To replace your shower head, the only tools you need are the new, low-flow shower head and some teflon tape or something to help secure the seal. You might need some channel locks or vise grips, but in some cases showerheads are hand tightened.

Because replacing a showerhead is an easy, no-hassle process, most apartment renters should easily be able to purchase an energy-efficient showerhead and install it without any issues whatsoever.

Considering rental-property agreements

As replacing a showerhead, regardless of the reasons, may be considered a property modification, in some cases you will need your landlord’s approval to replace your showerhead. While many probably wouldn’t mind, especially if the rental management group or homeowner includes water utilities in your rental agreement, it is a modification nonetheless. In some cases, an apartment complex might flat-out prohibit modifications of any kind, leaving you in a tough spot: you either need to put up with the inefficient showerhead, or go against your apartment complex’s rules about modifying your apartment.

Should you use a low-flow showerhead in your apartment?

Ultimately, the decision whether to use a low-flow shower head in your apartment or rental house is up to you. While it’s always a great idea to do what you can to conserve our planet’s resources and it’s wise to try and save money on water and energy bills, being a ‘renter’ instead of an ‘owner’ definitely has some drawbacks. If possible and allowed, though, low-flow, energy-efficient showerheads are a great option for home owners and apartment renters alike, so long as you have permission to remove and install a new shower head.