Increase Apartment Shower Water Pressure

When you rent an apartment, your options for ‘DIY Home Improvement’ tasks are usually quite limited. While it goes with the territory, there are certain things — like if you have low water pressure in your apartment — that you would really like to fix. Low-pressure water problems in an apartment are bad enough for day-to-day kitchen activities, but it can pose a real problem for people who love our outright need a high-pressure shower.

Fortunately, there is a ‘fix’ for apartment renters who want to increase the pressure of their showers: amplifying showerheads.

What are amplifying showerheads?

Amplifying showerheads are a type of showerhead that give you a fuller, harder and more powerful shower. For example, if your shower currently ‘drips’ or ‘falls’ out of the showerhead — more like a poorly-running faucet than an actual shower — an amplifying showerhead can help improve the force of your shower water, giving you a more satisfying showering experience.

Do amplifying showerheads really increase water pressure?

Alsons High-Pressure Showerhead

Technically, no. However, amplifying showerheads work by increasing the force of the water that passes through your showerhead, thus giving your water more ‘pressure’, or velocity. The effective result is that you’ll receive a high-pressure shower, or at least a higher-pressure shower than you’re used to.

So, while an amplifying showerhead won’t do much for the low-water-pressure problem in your apartment, it can effectively increase your water pressure where you need it most: in your shower.

How to find the best high-pressure showerheads

The best way to find a high-pressure showerhead is to look online and be sure to read reviews about a particular showerhead before purchasing it. If you read what others are saying about a particular showerhead before you buy it, you have a much greater chance of finding an amplifying showerhead that will work for you.

Some of the more popular high-pressure showerheads include this adjustable Delta Faucet showerhead and the Alsons Fluidics showerhead. Really, the best-reviewed brands for amplifying showerheads are Alsons, Delta Faucet and Speakman. Any of these brands should help you to effectively increase your shower water pressure even if you’re currently renting an apartment.

Renting an apartment has its benefits, but it also has some potential downsides: one of which is that you can’t do too much about low-pressure water problems. While a high-pressure showerhead won’t fix your low-pressure water problem in your kitchen or the rest of your apartment, at least you’ll be able to enjoy a high-pressure shower once again.

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