High Pressure Shower Heads

For those of us who really like or even need a high-pressure shower, low-flow showerheads, on the surface, don’t seem like an attractive option. Sure, we may like the water-and-energy conservation benefits that low-flow showerheads provide, but to some, the money and energy savings isn’t worth sacrificing a nice, hot high-pressure shower. What many people do not know, however, is that there is an option that offers the benefits of using a low-flow showerhead while actually increasing your shower’s water pressure. This option is called an amplifying shower head.

Higher pressure showers, lower flow rates

While different showerhead manufacturers may use differing technologies to deliver higher water pressure through their showerheads, the end-result goal is the same for amplifying shower heads: higher-pressure showers. Contrary to what some think, however, amplifying showerheads do not increase your shower water flow rate or actual water pressure, rather they increase the force (velocity) of water that passes through the shower head. More force means that you experience a ‘harder’, more powerful shower irrespective of your water system’s actual pressure.

Amplifying shower heads sold today, at least in the United States, are classified as low-flow, and some of them even offer water flow rates less than 2 gallons per minute. Which, lower flow rates equals less water usage and less energy usage to heat the hot water.

Here’s a demo video of an Alsons Fluidics water-saving showerhead. Which, Alsons showerheads have a pretty good reputation for providing energy-efficient showerheads with solid pressure:

Best high-pressure showerheads

Here are three showerhead ‘brands’, or manufacturers, that have good reputations and a lot of positive feedback and reviews to reinforce their good reputations:

Most showerheads by these companies are well-within an affordable price range for the average consumer (average $30 – $50), the build-quality of the showerheads are good to excellent, and many of the models offer consumers the ability to enjoy the money-saving benefits of a low-flow showerhead while still being able to take high-pressure showers.

High-pressure showers with low-flow showerheads

Lowering your water usage with a low-flow showerhead doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a hot, high-pressure shower. In fact, you might find that these amplifying showerheads give you more pressure than some of the older showerheads with higher flow rates.

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  1. Hina says:

    I need one shower head

    • lowflow says:

      What are you looking for in a showerhead? Specs, size, type, flow rate, features… Maybe I can point you in a better direction.

  2. raylene mcculloch says:

    hi,could you please recomend a shower head to suite a low inlet pressure hot water appliance 9ltrs per minuite (bosch wr250). please send price + shipping…chrome finish…in australian $$$ many thanks….r.mcculloch

  3. raylene mcculloch says:

    require a low inlet flow shower head in chrome

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