Low Flow Showerheads

Save money by limiting hot-water usage with a low gpm, low-flow showerhead

Turning 'green energy' into energy savings and hot-water conservation

Low flow and ultra low-flow showerheads:

  • Are energy efficient
  • Save hot water - hot showers stay hot longer
  • Can actually increase water pressure if using amplifying low-flow showerheads
  • Can help lower your energy / utility bills
  • Can decrease water usage substantially, especially in multi-person households
  • Cost the same as traditional shower heads

Low-Flow Showerheads: Money Saved Monthly & Annually

Using a low-flow showerhead is a great way to lower your home’s water usage. Whether your reason for using this water-saving device is to help preserve natural resources for future generations, thus living a “green” lifestyle, or because you want to save money on your utilities is largely unimportant. At least in this context. Low-flow shower heads do help with water conservation, regardless of your motivation. However, if your goal in choosing a lower-gpm (gallons per minute) flowrate showerhead is strictly financial, meaning you want to spend less money on water, electric or gas bills, knowing exactly how much money you’re saving is pretty important. Continue reading ‘Low-Flow Showerheads: Money Saved Monthly & Annually’

Increase Apartment Shower Water Pressure

When you rent an apartment, your options for ‘DIY Home Improvement’ tasks are usually quite limited. While it goes with the territory, there are certain things — like if you have low water pressure in your apartment — that you would really like to fix. Low-pressure water problems in an apartment are bad enough for day-to-day kitchen activities, but it can pose a real problem for people who love our outright need a high-pressure shower.

Continue reading ‘Increase Apartment Shower Water Pressure’

High Pressure Shower Heads

For those of us who really like or even need a high-pressure shower, low-flow showerheads, on the surface, don’t seem like an attractive option. Sure, we may like the water-and-energy conservation benefits that low-flow showerheads provide, but to some, the money and energy savings isn’t worth sacrificing a nice, hot high-pressure shower. What many people do not know, however, is that there is an option that offers the benefits of using a low-flow showerhead while actually increasing your shower’s water pressure. This option is called an amplifying shower head.

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